Combat Procedures

Action Turn Procedures

Hostile and time sensitive events follow a specific order called the Action Turn. This turn represents 20 seconds of character activity and is managed using the Events Multiplexor. It is generally time to begin such an turn when an enemy (or potential enemy) is contacted, a sword is drawn, a hostile casting is initiated etcetera. This same turn should be used to track character movement as well. A special version of the action turn called the Clash of Arms is designed to handle combat situations where the combatants can not or will not stop a charge to engage in melee.

Weapon Attack Matrices

The following weapons matrices form the basis of the Yellow Tome Combat system. Each of the eight tables that follow detail a specific group of weapons based either on their relative combat weight and the techniques used to wield them.

Protective Combat Equipment

The wearing of personal body armor is essential to survival in combat. All characters may wear whatever they feel comfortable with and can afford, but each piece carries encumbrance penalties, and may restrict movement. The Helm is a critical piece of armor that protects the vulnerable (and usually crucial) head from excessive damage. The Shield provides a further, mobile, layer of protection, a possible source of attack and a great place to carry your heraldry.

Situational Combat Modifiers

While the standard procedures and percentages will cover the majority of typical situations characters will find in combat there are several combat situations that require special modification to these standards. One that is relatively common in the Medieval milieu concerns fighting on horseback (or from some other mount).

Normal Wound Recovery

The recovery of lost Fatigue and Body levels is critical to the continued viability of any character. These tables indicate the natural healing rate for the character. Magical and Miraculous effects are available as well - see Therapeutic Magic and Miraculous Cures


The continuing successful operations of an adventuring party are precipitant on the continuing mental health of the members of the party. Significant casualties in the ranks and personal injury take their toll on the mind as does the health and nourishment of the party. The morale rules provide a simplified mechanism for evaluating party members' mental health.


Starting money is determined during original character generation. This "money" is not intended to represent actual coinage, rather it is an equivalence value used to purchase equipment and supplies for the first adventures. Ninety percent (90%) of this value must be spent on outfitting the character. That value remaining, greater than 10% of the primary allocation, is forfeit when the character begins his first adventure.


An important, and often overlooked characteristic of all equipment is its weight. Players are cautioned to keep track of the weight of their equipment to avoid so encumbering the character that he is fatigued by simply carrying his gear.

Prices for Equipment

The following price list should be used "as-is" for initial outfitting. Subsequent purchases of gear should be subject to market fluctuations based on regional availability, demesnes tax and market policies, and the amicability of the salesman. All prices are listed in Silver Pieces and weights are in pounds, unless otherwise noted.


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