Wound Recovery

The ability of the body to recover from damage through natural biological processes can be astounding. Unfortunately many factors conspire against success. It is the maintenance of these factors that consumes much of the effort required to heal. The primary impediments to this healing is infection. Transmission of infection vectors to wounds is covered in the Critical Hit tables. Treatment and healing are covered subsequently.


The recovery of Fatigue expended in exertion by or by damage absorption is dependent on two main factors. The type and duration of rest available and the Constitution of the character. Fatigue expended through expenditure of Magical or Miraculous energy must be regenerated in only this fashion. Fatigue expended in manual labor or combat may be regenerated using Curative Miracles or Therapeutic Magic.

Type of Rest Recovery Rates (per hour)

    Comfortable indicates sufficient dry, temperate, space for laying prone, uncomfortable indicates lacking in one of these three characteristics. Situations lacking in more than one characteristics (i.e. sitting in the rain, lying in the cold wet snow) use the light Activity recovery rate.

    All calculated fractional recovery rates are to be retained. Rounding fractions down to the nearest lower whole number after all consecutive hours of rest have been taken.

First Hour General Rate Last Hour
comfortable Sleep



comfortable Rest, uncomfortable Sleep




uncomfortable Rest




light Activity  




Physical damage to the Body is recoverable after appropriately cleansing and protecting the wound, either through dressing, splinting or Therapeutic Magic. Open wounds (those made by edged or piercing weapons and all critical wounds) left untended will not heal and may become infected on their own. On each day following the injury when no cleaning or dressing is applied - make a Constitution test against difficulty equal to the Damage sustained - failure indicates a mild infection has occurred.

Type of Rest Recovery Rates (per 24 hr day)

    Moderate activity would include walking or light hiking, even such work as a merchant or public official would be expected to perform. Strenuous activity would include marching, riding, combat, heavy lifting and other highly mobile activities

    All calculated fractional recovery rates are to be retained. Rounding fractions down to the nearest lower whole number after all consecutive days of healing have been taken. Negative values do indicate that additional damage is assessed.



moderate Activity

( Con - 10 ) / 3

strenuous Activity

( Con-10 ) / 5


Death occurs when the Body score is reduced to zero. The body continues to "bleed" one Body point per turn (3 per minute) after death. The body may be resuscitated by repairing this accumulating damage etherically. Once the Body level exceeds zero again natural healing can begin and the character is alive.

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