The Monetary System

Actual coinage is fairly rare in feudal/medieval societies. Issuance of "coin-of-the-realm" was primarily for purposes of tax collection, and was thus looked upon very unfavorably by the peasant classes. These rough copper coins were rarely honored outside of the demesnes in which they were struck. Precious metal coin is most often minted in honor of a specific event, often a bride-price gift or celebration of a military victory. The metal for these coins generally comes from loot and pillage of conquered powers, not uncommonly from the temples thereof.

Precious coins then find their way into the hands of merchants as payment for fine food, linens and jewelry associated with such festivals. It is through interactions with these merchants that the average Townsman develops an appreciation for the coin's value. The following table of coins "commonly" available in the campaign is provided as a guideline for calculation of value and encumbrance for adventurers. All of these coins weigh 1/20th of a pound. These values are by no means constant, as different demesnes will have established variations. All transactions involving "foreign" coin are verified by weighing the coin after establishing its true metal content.

Copper 1/25 silver 1.50" diameter X .09" thick
Silver 1.25" diameter X .11" thick
Electrum 10 silvers 1.10" square X .11" thick
Gold 25 silvers 1.00" diameter X .09" thick
Platinum 100 silvers 1.00" square X .07" thick


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updated on:   11 Feb 1999