Beyond the Mists

Character Generation Rules
These pages include instructions and links to everything you need to generate your YT:Beyond the Mists character.
Skill List for All Characters
The rules, procedures and descriptions of the various skills available and their implementation in game terms.
Rules for Magic and Miracle Workers
Spells, Enchantments, Wards and Artifacts. There are a few holes in the spell lists, especially Miracles. If you need a particular spell detailed, drop me an e-mail and I'll get to it in a couple of days.
Combat and Provisions
The procedures and tables detailing personal combat within the system and the details of equipping a character, including money, arms and armor, camping materials and other professional equipment.
Character Generation Spreadsheet
The character generation spreadsheet allows one to easily create a new BtM character. Manual generation of characters within this system is possible. The required lookup tables are linked in to the description of each attribute in the Character Generation Rules (above).
This workbook is currently in Beta release after some significant bugs were exterminated. Let me know if you find some more.
General Adversary Statistics
There are many lists, books and ideas available for improvising/creating adversaries for the BtM adventure, most need to be modified to work in a balanced fashion with the characters created within this system.  GM's will be relatively safe just giving the "D&D" monster lists an armor class translation and appropriate Stamina levels. As time permits I'll post first some guidelines and eventually a monster list.

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updated on:   20 August 2015