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General use clothes, including shoes and hats. $#
Professional Tools
Common tools for construction, blacksmithy, masonry, etc. $#
Household and Camping
Material for sleeping, lighting and cooking. $#
Engineering Equipment
Tools for mining, castle building and other earthworks. $#
Equipment for carrying stuff, cups, jars, bags, packs, etc. $#
Tools for the installation and repair of locks (also useful for gaining unauthorized entry to same). $#
Writing and Ritual Materials
Tools and materials for recording the written word. $#
Medical Supplies and Services
Contract etheric cures, potions and the ritual equipment to perform them. $#
Manufactured poisons and their usage. (full organics)
$ Listing includes prices
# Listing includes weights
full Listing includes some descriptions of specific items and their common usage.


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updated on:   11 Feb 1999