Weapons Capabilities and Combat Tables

Very Light Weapons Matrix Firearms and Siege Weapons Matrix
Light Weapons Matrix Missile Weapons Matrix
Medium Weapons Matrix Bare-Hand Weapons Matrix
Heavy Weapons Matrix Natural Weapons Matrix
Polearm Weapons Matrix

Common Table Information

Weapon Name
This is a common name for the weapon. Many weapon types have an assortment of names, depending on where and in what culture the type of weapon is used in. YT:BTM uses names common to these weapons in sixteenth century England where applicable.
This value is a relative value for comparing weapon reach - and therefor initiative - in combat. It is approximately equal to the length of the weapon in feet.
This value is the maximum distance, in feet, that a projectile weapon is effective in one-on-one combat.
This value indicates the base number of attacks available to that weapon within the 20 second melee turn when wielded by a marginally trained fighter. This value is also referred to as Weapon Speed. This value does not intend to reflect every swing, thrust, feint or parry possible in the turn. It reflects, instead, only those actions that deliberately and strongly intend to do harm or to block a similar attempt.
Each of these columns indicates the base (percentage) chance to hit that Armor Class with the listed weapon.
Indicates the number and type of dice to roll to determine the number of points damage done on a successful attack.
Indicates the primary type of damage (for critical damage purposes) inflicted by the weapon.
Bashers (B):
Weapons doing primarily crushing or impact damage resulting in bruises, broken bones etcetera.
Cutters (C):
Weapons doing primarily slashing or cutting damage resulting in lacerations and deep cuts.
Piercers (P):
Weapons doing primarily penetrative damage resulting in specific disabling of muscle and organ tissue.
Piercer/Cutter (P/C):
Specialized Polearms that do Piercing damage on the initial contact but resort to Cutter damage from the edges of the blade thereafter.
The weight, in pounds, of the weapon and it's scabbard (where applicable) for determining encumbrance upon the character.
For projectile weapons, the type of die used to roll for resolving bash effects for qualifying attacks.
For Natural weapons, an average Vigor value for use when one has not been calculated for the beast in question.

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