Clash of Arms

Combat is not always a toe-to-toe slugfest, occasionally one or both combatants are running or charging at the other such that they will be unable (or unwilling) to stop their forward motion to engage in conventional melee. This occurs most frequently in mounted combat, though there are numerous occasions when a footman’s path and speed precludes standard engagement. Clash of Arms combat is used whenever the closing speed of two combatants exceeds 10 ft/sec. As the combatants approach each other they each secretly choose a relevant combat tactic. Use of Combat Cards is recommended for this. On contact both reveal their choices.


    No blow is struck and the combatants pass each other on the field. Note that the Parry tactic does NOT allow a counter-strike in this situation.


    The defensive combatant will resolve his tactic first then the offensive combatant strikes using the standard Attack Sequence, if allowed by the results of the defensive tactic. A counter blow may be struck in Parrying situations, however the difficulty of the counter test is increased by +1D.


    The character with the higher Initiative resolves his tactic using the "to hit" roll from the standard Attack Sequence. If this roll does not Bash the second combatant immediately makes his “to hit” roll with subsequent steps made simultaneously. As the effectiveness (damage) of the initiative strike is applied simultaneously with the opposing effectiveness is it quite possible that both combatants be injured or killed in the clash. If the initiative character does Bash his opponent, the opponent loses the blow.


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updated on:   11 Feb 1999