Selected Attributes

The five selected attributes (Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution, Strength and Dexterity) are the primary attributes affecting general character ability. The scores for these attributes are "selected" by the player, allowing each player considerable influence on the type of character he/she will play. Select a whole number from one to twenty, inclusive, for each of the five attributes, making sure that the total of the five numbers selected is sixty (60) and that each number selected meets any strictures indicated for that attribute.

Intelligence (1 - 20)

The ability to learn or to understand or to deal with new or trying situations; also the skilled use of reason.

This attribute measures understanding, reasoning and the ability to remember past occurrences and facts. A high rating reflects remarkable cognitive powers to deduce cause and effect relationships and to calculate quantitative relationships. A low rating reflects difficulties in remembering simple facts or following logical discourse. Dependant attributes: Wisdom, Charisma, Charm, Art.

Wisdom (1 - 20)

Maximum = Intelligence + 10
Ability to discern inner qualities and relationships.

This attribute measures innate discernment of emotional and psychic demeanor and the determination of correct action relative to same. A high rating reflects fairness and intuitive insight in evaluating interpersonal conflict and a good sense of judgement as to probable emotional and or psychological effects of environmental events. A low rating reflects an inability to consider the ramifications of events in terms extending beyond the immediately perceived needs of the individual. Dependent attributes: Charisma, Art.

Constitution (1 - 20)

The physical makeup of the individual comprising inherited qualities modified by environment.

This attribute measures the relative cohesiveness of the body, mind and psyche. A high rating reflects an individual who resists environmental stress with ease and aplomb. A low rating reflects poor resistance to physical, mental and psychic stress. Dependent attributes: Strength, Size (weight), Carrying Capacity, Body.

Strength (1 - 20)

Maximum = Constitution + 10
Power derived from muscular vigor.

This attribute measures the physical power available from limb, torso and neck. A high rating reflects remarkable physical power to bend bars or lift heavy objects. A low rating reflects difficulties in exerting sufficient physical power to move anything other than self. Dependant attributes: Size (weight), Carrying Capacity, Body.

Dexterity (1 - 20)

Readiness and grace in physical activity especially skill and ease in using the hands.

This attribute measures speed and accuracy of motor response. A high rating reflects precise control over the placement and motion of the body. A low rating may reflect inexact control of one or both aspects of the attribute resulting in clumsy and/or indelicate movement of the body. Dependent attributes: Charm, Appearance.

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