Physical Description

The values for Height, Weight, Carrying Capacity, Age and Money come from a variety of calculations and tables generally describing the physical situation of the character.

Height & Weight


The physical dimensions of the character.

These dimensions are derived from Size, Race and Gender rolls/results.

Carrying Capacity

[Strength / 10 + Constitution / 100] * Weight

The faculty to transfer objects from one state of rest to another by lifting.

This attribute measures the maximum amount of weight (in pounds) that the character can lift and move, representing his true strength in human terms. Two common uses of this attribute are (1) determining the burden in terms of stamina points lost for carrying a given amount of weight for a given distance (Encumbrance) and (2) determining the ability of a character to lift a gate, portcullis, chest, etcetera.



The number of years alive.

The root value generated from this table indicates the "age of adulthood" for that character race and gender. To determine the character's actual age, add the Time of Study value from the Skill Cluster below and the number of years the character has been adventuring.


[4 * Social Status * Charisma * Charm] / 5

Wealth reckoned in terms of a generally accepted medium of exchange or means of payment.

The starting "cash" value of the character's possessions. This is used to "purchase" original outfitting equipment for the character (at silver piece price equivalence). Any remainders from those purchases may be converted into "cash" at 1 silver piece per 10 points of Money remaining, not to exceed 10% of the initial value.

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