Dependent Attributes

The following attributes are pre-determined by those previously ascertained. These formulae were the primary reason for generating the character generation spreadsheet in the first place. You can rely on the spreadsheet to perform these calculations. I've listed them here so you have an idea of what they are used for and how they are calculated and also to allow those without access to Excel the option of manual character generation. Having a feel for these formulae will help you select attribute values appropriately for the character abilities you want. Each attribute listed below is followed by its attribute formula. Use this formula to calculate the attribute value.


[Intelligence / 8] +[Strength / 3] + [Constitution / 3] + Size(table) + Race(table)

The capacity of the physical form to sustain life in the presence of injury.

This attribute measures the base number of points of damage that the characters' body can sustain. Much of the mediŠval world is hostile to the creatures that inhabit it. This attribute goes a long way in quantifying a characters' resistance to such hostility.


[Intelligence + Wisdom + Speech + Constitution + Appearance] / 5

A personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure (as a political leader or military commander).

This attribute measures the power to lead a group in accomplishing some goal. A high rating reflects popular following by the general public and a persuasive demeanor sufficient to lead groups through the most difficult of situations. A low rating indicates a tendency for strangers and groups to either ignore or ridicule the individual's attempts at mass action or motivation.


[Intelligence + Appearance + Art + Speech + Dexterity] / 5

To please, soothe, or delight by compelling attraction. A trait that fascinates, allures or delights. A physical grace or attraction.

This attribute measures attractiveness of personality. A high rating indicates a likable, personable demeanor, with distinct advantage in persuasive endeavors. A low rating indicates a wretched, loutish personality that cannot but cause everyone around aggravation. Persuasive endeavors in all but entirely logical discourse are doomed to fail.


[Constitution / 4] + [Faith / 3]

The strength of will, spirit and body to persevere in adverse conditions.

This attribute measures the ability of the character to sustain endeavor despite physical, psychic or spiritual hardship. The actual value reflects the total capacity for the character to sustain "Fatigue" type damage before being overcome. Physically overwhelming the character results in his loss of consciousness until his physical stamina can be recovered through rest, or overcome through the use of psychic, spiritual or medicinal energies. Psychically overwhelming the character results in a dissipation of all of his spells and his loss of consciousness until his mental stamina can be recovered through rest, and rest only. Spiritually overwhelming the character results in his loss of consciousness until his spiritual stamina can be recovered through rest, or overcome through the use of spiritual energies of the same nature as the character's.


[Carrying Capacity / 200] + [Dexterity / 10]+[Constitution/10]

The active bodily strength or force.

This attribute quantifies tenacity, muscular fitness and balance combined to keep the character upright and focussed in situations requiring total control of the physical body. The most common utilization of this attribute is in resolving the Bash test in Combat. Other possible uses would include resistance to damage from falls, maintaining balance and physical composure on the deck of a tossing ship.

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updated on:   11 Feb 1999