Basic Proficiencies

The initial translation of a character's attributes into functional abilities. These four proficiencies (Stealth, Combat, Magic and Miracle) are endemic to the fantasy role playing genre. All characters will have some ability in each of these four talents, no special selection or requirements are necessary to perform at the calculated ability levels. Advancement in any of these areas will, however, require dedication and advancement in an associated regimen or profession.


[Strength + (Dexterity * 2) + Intelligence] / 4

The act or action of proceeding furtively, secretly or imperceptibly.

The ability of a character to discern changes in the local environment and the ability to quickly react to those changes. A low rating indicates not so much dexterital clumsiness, but awkwardness in response to environmental uncertainty. Tripping over landscape features that one would logically expect to find in a given locale, such as tree roots on a forest path, and the resulting compromise in secrecy are representative actions of the lower ratings.


[Constitution + (Strength * 2) + (Dexterity * 2) + Charisma] / 5

Beating up on stuff.

The ability of a character in combat is not simply a matter of brawn. Quickness and mental acuity are important in wielding a weapon for maximum effectiveness in offensive and defensive tactics. Personal drive and an innate sense of one's own invincibility complete the image of the valiant warrior.


[Intelligence + Charm - Ethics + 5] / 2

The manipulation and control of etheric energies to exact physical and psychic affects.

The performance of magical activities is more than an exercise in "mind over matter". It often involves the subtle coercion of energies to perform activities alien to those energies, literally forcing them to work for the wielder.


[Wisdom + Faith + Charisma - 5] / 2

The direction of faith to accomplish inexplicable feats of charity.

Being a focal point for the miraculous requires a depth of understanding of the true source of such power. It also requires belief and conviction in the strength and holiness of that source. Finally, qualities of personal leadership are required to prepare the uncommitted to experience the wondrous, the inexplicable and the divine.

Bonus Experience


Practical knowledge, skill or practice derived from direct observation or participation.

The Bonus Experience value is intended to be utilized immediately to add and/or modify existing skills and/or attributes - without the time delay usually associated with such advancement. Follow the link for a more detailed explanation, including suggestions for beginning characters.

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