Skill Procedures

The mechanics of Skill usage, reward and improvement.

Skill Tests

Some procedures for accomplishing skill tests are outlined here. Many skills will have specific instructions in the description of that skill. A significant portion of this page involves the setting of difficulty levels (for referees). Several references are included to this end.

Perception Tests

The skill test associated with determining that a character perceives something in his environment is one of the most common skill tests . . . and one of the most misunderstood. This outline should assist your referee in making the determination of the attribute to make a given perception test against.

Strength Tests

Tests of strength such as lifting gates, bending bars and other useful activities heroes often find necessary can be a little confusing with the Constitution attribute clouding the issue. This outline should assist your referee in making fair determinations for such tests.


The development of a character through a continuing campaign is accomplished through the awarding of Experience. This page outlines appropriate point values for common scenario events.

Character Advancement

The player determines the allocation of experience to the Skills and Attributes of his character(s). The character develops those abilities that the player finds most appropriate to the character's role in the campaign and his society.

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updated on:   11 Feb 1999