Service Skills


Min. Attributes: IQ 8, Dex 8

1 Basic hair cutting and shaving.
2 Folk remedies, allows prescription of folk remedies for such common ailments as cold, flu, bowel dysfunction, etcetera. These prescriptions have a flat 25% chance of actually resulting in cessation of the symptoms.

TIME OF STUDY: 1 year.


Min. Attributes: Art 9

1 Cook: Basic food preparation, avoidance of spoiled food and recognition of edible plants.
2 Chef: Food/recipe experimentation and meal planning for groups of twelve or less.
3 Maitre Chef: Feast planning and preparation.

TIME OF STUDY: 1 year.


Min. Attributes: PAp 10
Prerequisites: Service (1)

1 Make-Up: Applications, exercises and postures to improve appearance by making the most of what you have and accentuating the erotic. Increase Personal Appearance by 1 point and add 3 to Charisma against all persons of the opposite sex. Make-up can also be used as Disguise (1).
2 Seduction: The use of conversation, body posture, setting, romance, and other environmental features to increase Influence on persons of the opposite sex and same race by +1.
3 Charm Person of the Opposite Sex: Increase Influence on persons of the opposite sex and same race, giving a one difficulty level advantage.
4 Charm Person: Increase Influence on persons same sex and race by +1.
5 Cross Racial Charm: Members of the opposite sex from humaniform races related to your own may be Influenced at +1.

TIME OF STUDY: 6 months.


Min. Attributes: Wis 8
Prerequisites: Level 4 requires the peerage of a Squire or Noble or better Social Class

1 Humility: Postures, manners and etiquette indicating submission and passivity. +1 to tests involving the Influencing of "social betters."
2 Self-Control: Ability to voluntarily adapt your behavior patterns towards Lawfulness. +1 to tests involving the Influencing of those of High Ethics (<15). Food Service: Proper delivery and presentation of food for your culture. Improves "quality" of any meal served by one level.
  • Dressing: Proper methods of putting on ceremonial costume (civil) for your sex and culture. Butlering: Proper greetings to all social classes, proper forms of address and honourable phrases of introduction.
  •   NOTE: Further advancement in the skills of Service requires Social Class of Noble or better or official advancement to the peerage of a Squire.
    3 Escort: Rules of conduct in duty to noble women as escort and chaperon. Chivalry: The highest code of war. Simply stated from the initiation ceremony of Knighthood, "Be brave, Sir Knight, and valiant. Do nothing base. Honour all Knights. Give to the Poor. Defend women. Love God."
    4 Courting: The codes and rituals of courting a Noble Lady for her favour. The Knight must be a bachelor to pursue such activity.Successful championing of a Lady bestows several advantages. She may add her Influence to yours as a "supporter." Great honour and glory is earned in deeds done in defense or honour of the Lady (experience points are tripled). Prestige is earned as you demonstrate your loyalty to the Lady. This may lead to Appointments to very profitable or powerful positions.

    TIME OF STUDY: 1 year


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    updated on:   11 Feb 1999