Spell Skills

Augury Magic
The day to day spells of detection and communication. Once cast, spells of detection must overcome the target's concealment, spells of communication and transportation simply manifest the effect.
Physical Magic
Those spells making physical changes in/to the physical plane through the expenditure of etheric energies. Casting success indicates that the effects materialize as desired. If the spell is intended to do damage it is treated as a (usually missile) weapon and does damage as such. No personal resistance from the target except armor, shield, or combat tactics will help.
Coercive Magic
Coercive magic attempts to directly intervene in the cognitive processes of the target. This is heavily resisted by any intelligent being and nearly impossible to non-intelligent creatures. Once the spell is successfully cast, the power therein must overcome the target's resistance to having his thinking changed for him. The caster rolls the same number of die required to cast the spell, adding one for each level of advanced training in that spell. This time the caster must roll equal to or greater than the target's Wisdom attribute for success.
Constitutive Magic
These are the spell skills able to enact, establish and modify "reality" through the suspension or supercession of the laws of physics or biology. There are NO affinity advantages for this spell class.
Illusive Magic
The primary axiom of Illusive Magic is to fool the senses into believing that what is not, is and that what is, is not. This simple concept gives rise to some of the most powerful capabilities available from the Magic Skill. Illusions are successfully created upon completion of the caster's test. Anyone coming in contact with the illusion, for as long as it exists, will believe fully in the illusion until such time as it's reality can be questioned. Disbelief is initiated whenever the sense limits of the spell are exceeded by the target. The GM should cause Disbelief tests to be made by the players in ignorance, or make the test rolls himself.
Miraculous Spell Skills
These are the skills of reverence and faith cast exclusively with the Prayer Method. The mediŠval European mindset was pervaded by the teaching and mythology of the Holy Roman Church. This mindset bestowed the ability of certain relics to impart power in fighting evil, the ability of clergy to bring the wrath of God down upon the ungodly, and the ability of a noble and honorable knight to vanquish pagan enemies due to his own righteousness.
Therapeutic Magic
Therapeutic Spells are utilized to temporarily mend the body, so that the recipient can continue to function until such time as the body manages to heal itself. All such spells must therefore be maintained until the recipient has recovered.
Traumatic Magic
Traumatic spells are utilized to affect direct physical damage to a living being. Similarly to Therapeutic spells, the effects are actually temporary. These effects must be maintained by the caster in order to accumulate or cause death.
Protective Magic
Spells that can protect a mage from another's castings.

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